Educational Resources Library (ERL)

As its name implies, ERL is a library of educational media elements. It’s a large collection of animations, videos, Pictures, texts, sounds, web sites, and presentations that deals with educational topics for various subjects.

The ERL can be used in the classroom as resource for your lesson plan presentations or at home when you want ideas for preparing your lessons plans.

If you want to operate in accordance to the 21st century educational standards, then you will have to use the ERL.

A lot of educational theories call for the use of such a library:


Multiple intelligence theory: Human process and gather information differently. Gardner identified different styles of learning as eight distinct intelligences. Multimedia technology can maximize the multiple intelligences the learner processes. One change educators usually face is how to deliver materials and subjects matter to learners whose acquisition of knowledge depends in number of ways. The ERL offers a medium that addresses these intelligences


Constructivism: Learning is an active process in which learners construct new ideas or concepts: The instructor should try and encourage students to construct hypotheses, make decisions and discover principles by themselves. To do so, the instructor should try to start the teaching / Learning session with an example not by stating definitions or anything else. Here comes the role of the ERL: To provide learning opportunities (examples) for students so that may be able to construct the relevant knowledge. “Stating a theorem and the providing an example of it is like teaching backwards” If you want to create a lesson plan using PowerPoint, you may use the ERL to automatically add certain media elements to a PowerPoint presentation.


Value – Added benefit: If you can’t find media elements for a certain topic, or if you need other types of media elements, just give us a call or send us an e- mail and we will be more than happy to send you what you want free of charge.

ICT smart: informatics Curriculum for primary Students

ICT smart is a comprehensive program designed to teach computer skills.
ICT smart helps students acquire foundational technology skills and apply those skills to solve core curriculum and real – world problems.
Being equipped with 21st century skills means gaining proficiency in critical thinking, technology use and communication.

ICT smart proven technology literacy curriculum, assessment tools and professional development and designed to empower students to reach their true potential in the 21 st century.

ICT smart covers computer basics, keyboarding, graphics, word processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation skills, Logo Programming, Internet, E – mail and web Browsing. Lessons are available in English and French

Student Pack: Book + CD
Teacher Pack : Lesson Plans + Presentation CD