Whether technology should be used in schools or not is no longer the issue in education.
Instead, the current emphasis is ensuring that technology is used effectively to create new opportunities for learning and to promote student achievement.
Educational technology is not, and never will be, transformative on its own, however.
It requires the assistance of educators who integrate technology into the curriculum, align it with student learning goals, and use it for engaged learning projects.

“Teacher quality is the factor that matters most for student learning”

Therefore, professional development for teachers becomes the key issue in using technology to improve the quality of learning in the classroom.

Lack of professional development for technology issue is one of the most serious obstacles to fully integrating technology into the curriculum.
But traditional sit – and – get training sessions or one – time – only workshops have not been effective in making teachers comfortable with using technology or adept at integrating it into their lesson plans.
Instead, a well – planned, ongoing professional development program that is tied to the school’s curriculum goals, designed with built – in evaluation, and sustained by adequate financial and staff support is essential if teachers are to use technology appropriately to promote learning for all students in the classroom.

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